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Bottom Line Estimator

Refund or Balance? Estimate your bottom line. Log in required.

Do you have questions about charges, financial aid, refunds, or estimated costs?

Use the Bottom Line Estimator to calculate if you will owe money or receive a refund after receiving your financial aid for the semester. The estimator allows you to enter your housing choices, enrollment, and individual information, then automatically subtracts the financial aid you are scheduled to receive. Instructions to use are below:

    Video Instructions

    Written Instructions

  1. Login to if you have been admitted to Boise State.
  2. Choose “Bottom Line Estimator” from the My Account tab or type “estimator” in the search box (add it as a resource for easy access in the future).
  3. View of My.BoiseState My Account Screen with Bottom Line Estimator Links

    Make sure you understand the benefits and limitations of the estimator before you continue by signing the disclaimer.
  4. Enter information about your enrollment, housing, additional costs and fees. The final summary shows if you have an owing balance after financial aid, or if you will receive a refund.

Bottom Line Estimator TitleSummary of Bottom Line Estimator Result