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Minimum Credits for Aid

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You don’t necessarily have to be enrolled full-time to receive aid, but you do need to take a minimum number of financial aid-eligible credits for partial aid. The minimum requirements are the same for each fall, spring, and summer semester.

It’s important to finalize your class schedule as early as possible. The Census Date, or 10th day of the semester is the final day to add classes for financial aid purposes.¬†Classes added after this date won’t count toward your financial aid enrollment.

Type of AidUndergraduate Credits
(Financial Aid Eligible)
Graduate Credits
(Financial Aid Eligible)
Loans - Subsidized and Unsubsidizedminimum 6 creditsminimum 5 credits
Pell Grant1-12+ credits*-
Perkins LoanVaries depending on funding availability. Disbursement priority given to full-time students (12+ credits).-
PLUS Loans (Parent or Graduate)minimum 6 creditsminimum 5 credits
Scholarships12 + credits for most. Check with your donor.9+ credits for most. Check with your donor.
SEOG (grant)Varies depending on funding availability. Disbursement priority given to students enrolled at least half-time (6+ credits)-
Work-study awardminimum 6 credits for Idaho Work Study-

In some situations, if you attend less than full-time (12 or fewer undergraduate credits, 9 or fewer graduate credits), you may experience reductions to aid due to Cost of Attendance decreases.  If you plan to be a part-time student, check in with us to learn about impacts to your aid.

*The amount of Pell Grant is reduced when you enroll in fewer than 12 financial aid eligible credits, however, nearly all Pell Grant recipients will receive some Pell Grant even as part-time students.