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Financial Aid-Eligible Credits

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“Financial aid-eligible” credits refers to the number of credits in a semester or summer term that will determine the type and amount of financial aid you will receive.

Eligibility is based on:

When you enrolled in each class.

Only credits in place by the 10th day of the semester, or the published Financial Aid Census Date, will count toward determining financial aid awards. This includes internship and independent study credits.

The number of times you have repeated the class.

Enrolling in a previously passed class three or more times is usually not acceptable for determining financial aid eligibility. Here is more information about repeated credits.

Whether the credits fulfill a requirement for your current academic career.

Academic career refers to your status as an undergraduate or graduate student. If you enroll in a course outside of your academic career, it is usually ineligible for aid.

  • Audit and challenge credits are excluded in credits counted for the semester.
  • If you are an undergraduate senior enrolled in graduate level credits, they will be ineligible for financial aid unless you and department process an “Academic Adjustment Form” with the Registrar’s Office indicating that the graduate credits fulfill a requirement for the undergraduate degree.
  • If you are a graduate student enrolled in undergraduate credits without the “G” designation, those credits will be excluded from “Level of Enrollment” and eligibility for federal loans. “Level of Enrollment” refers to full-time, part-time or less than half-time enrollment.
  • If you are enrolled in credits that you feel should have been included as financial aid eligible credits, contact the Financial Aid Office to have your situation reviewed.

Whether the class is a prerequisite for a required undergraduate class.

Credits that are excluded from calculating GPA will still be eligible for financial aid. For example:

Chemistry 99 = 2 financial aid-eligible credits
Education 30 = 1 financial aid-eligible credits
Math 15 & 25 = 3 financial aid-eligible credits
English 90 = 3 financial aid-eligible credits
Music 10 = 1 financial aid-eligible credits
Theater 10 = 1 financial aid-eligible credits

Whether you are enrolled in a financial aid-eligible academic program.

All degree programs at Boise State for associates, bachelors, masters, and doctorates are financial aid-eligible programs.

All undergraduate certificate programs, or enrollment only in a minor, are ineligible for financial aid.

Undeclared second undergraduate students are ineligible, according to federal financial aid regulations.

Three graduate certificate programs are eligible for financial aid

Financial aid-eligible credits may differ from credits that impact your GPA, graduation, or Satisfactory Academic Progress.