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Financial Aid Based on Enrollment Level

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Financial aid is impacted by the number of financial aid-eligible credits you are enrolled in. If you are less than full-time, your financial aid may be adjusted for a variety of reasons:

Enrollment Levels

Full Time 12+ credits9+ credits
Three Quarter Time 9-11 credits-
Half Time6-8 credits5-8 credits
Less than Half Time1-5 credits1-4 credits

How does Cost of Attendance impact my financial aid?

Your Cost of Attendance or financial aid “budget” determines the maximum amount of financial aid* you can receive. If you are a part-time student, you will have a reduced budget since your estimated costs are lower.

In some situations, when awarded or disbursed financial aid exceeds the Cost of Attendance, you may need to repay some financial aid or have spring loans reduced so that you stay within your allotted budget.

*All types of aid awarded to students cannot exceed the estimated Cost of Attendance, this includes: all student loans, PLUS loans, grants, work study, scholarships, outside resources, tuition waivers, alternative loans.

Important points to remember for all students, whether full-time or part-time

  • If you’re a part-time student, submit the Notification of Part-Time Enrollment form so your aid may be adjusted in advance. This helps prevent unexpected decreases in the future and helps you budget for your semester ahead.
  • Finalize your class schedule as early as possible. Adding or dropping classes can cause unexpected changes to your aid and charges.
  • The federal Pell Grant is adjusted automatically based on credits which you are enrolled in. Your enrollment is finalized as of the 10th day of the semester.
  • Wait-listed classes are excluded from counting towards your financial aid credit load. You must be enrolled in a financial aid-eligible class for aid purposes.