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NSLDS – Who has access? and Why does it exist?

Photo of students looking at their phones in the fall

The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) is a federal database of every student who has received federal financial aid. By logging into NSLDS, you can view your aid history and other information.

Who Has Access to NSLDS?

The U.S. Department of Education takes great precautions to ensure that your information is protected and only available to those who have a need to know, including:

  • Federal education loan servicers
  • Loan guarantee agencies
  • Eligible post-secondary schools and colleges
  • You have access to view your own financial aid history

Why Does NSLDS Exist?

Imagine the thousands of college students, former college students, and parent borrowers across the country who received federal financial aid. Consider how many transfer colleges or drop in and out of school, or change names.

Eligible colleges and loan servicers need information to:

  • Defer loans when a student reenrolls in college at least half-time
  • Determine how much aid a student has already received
  • Decide how much federal aid a student can be awarded
  • Monitor student loans for individuals who change names
  • Identify when a student is in good standing with student loans or is in default
  • Conduct default prevention activities

Your access to NSLDS is equally important so you can view your financial aid usage, including:

  • Your loan balances
  • The interest rates for each of your loans
  • The amount of Pell Grant you have received
  • Your student loan servicer’s contact information
  • The current status of your student loans

More information can be found at StudentLoans.Gov, and