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View Your Loan Balances

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Check your loan balances through myBoiseState or the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) to make sure you have enough funding to complete your degree. You can also find your loan servicer contact information.

How to View Loan Balances on myBoiseState

  • Log in to and navigate to your Student View
  • Select “My Account”
  • After selecting My Account, a list of items should appear. Select “Loan Balances”

screenshot of myBoiseState loan balances
By selecting Loan Balances, it will bring up an estimate of your loan balances.
For the most updated balances, select the link for the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS).
screenshot of myBoiseState select loan balances

How to View Loan Balances on NSLDS

  • Go to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS)
  • You will be directed to the login page. Use your FSA ID information to log in. (Your FSA ID is the same username and password you use to complete your FAFSA.)

screenshot of NSLDS log in

  • A disclaimer will appear. Read through the disclaimer and select “Accept”
  • You will see all federal loans you have received in your academic career
  • To view the details of a specific loan, select the number in front of the loan

screenshot of loans listed on NSLDS
The detail page will show the loan amount, interest rate and date disbursed as well as any interest that has accrued. This page also shows who your loan servicer is:
screenshot of detail of loans on NSLDS
Other information that can be shown is when your grace period began and when repayment began. For this particular student, it also shows when deferment began:

screenshot of loan status on NSLDS

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