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View Your Disbursement Status

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Disbursement is the payment of your financial aid. It’s when the aid you accept — like scholarships, loans, and grants — is released to your student account.

The timing of your disbursement depends on when you meet all conditions for receiving aid. The earliest date is 10 days prior to the start of the semester. First your aid goes toward paying student fees, then housing (if charged on your account), then any excess is refunded to you. Funds are disbursed throughout the semester.

View the status of your Financial Aid Disbursement

  1. Log in to
  2. Check your internet settings to allow pop-up screens
  3. Select Student Center (below BroncoMail)
  4. Select the Student Homepage tile
  5. Select the Financial Aid tile
  6. Select the appropriate Aid Year
  7. Each semester has a button for disbursement information
  8. View your overall status and the status of each type of aid
  9. If there are holdups, you will see messages for issues that may delay your disbursement

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