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Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

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Before you can receive federal or state student aid, you need to meet basic academic progress standards in GPA, Pace, and Maximum Credit.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards apply to all students applying for federal and state financial aid, including students transferring in from another institution. Review an overview of SAP here.

Comprehensive GPA Standard

Your comprehensive GPA includes all grades you receive, including grades from repeated courses. For the first 25 credits you complete toward your first bachelor’s degree, maintain a minimum comprehensive GPA of 1.75. After you complete 26 undergraduate credits, maintain a minimum 2.0 comprehensive GPA.

Pace Standard

Complete at least 75% of all credits you attempt, including credits attempted at Boise State and credits transferred and accepted from other schools you have attended.

Maximum Credit Standard

Complete your degree requirements within a specific number of attempted credits. As soon as the number of your attempted credits exceeds 150% of the credits needed to complete your degree, you fail the maximum credit standard. There is no warning semester for the maximum credits standard.

If you are enrolled in a first bachelor’s degree program and have earned 150 credits, you will be required to submit a Remaining Credits Evaluation form to continue receiving federal aid.

Warnings for GPA and Pace

The first time you fall below the comprehensive GPA standard or the Pace standard, you will receive a SAP warning Hold on your Student Center. Although you may receive federal financial aid during your warning semester, you are at risk of losing future financial aid eligibility.

How to Appeal a SAP Hold

Write an appeal letter describing the extenuating circumstances that prevented you from meeting the SAP standards and describe how the situation has been resolved. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your academic plans, and submit a complete SAP Appeal form to the Financial Aid Office.

Approved Appeals and Academic Plans

If your appeal is approved, you need to meet certain conditions of academic performance to maintain your eligibility for financial aid. Your academic progress will be monitored each term after grades are final, potentially causing delays in the release of your financial aid. If you fail to meet the conditions of your academic plan, you will lose eligibility for financial aid.

For a printed copy of this policy: SAP Policy (PDF).