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Approved SAP Appeals and Academic Plans

Photo of student reviewing paperwork

This is what you can expect if your SAP appeal is approved.

Initially, you will be placed on financial aid probation for one term if it would be possible for you to meet minimum SAP standards at the end of that term. This type of probation is for financial aid purposes only and is different than the academic probation policies for academic standing with the university.

If it looks like it won’t be possible for you to achieve minimum SAP standards within one term, you will be maintained on an academic plan.

While you’re on financial aid probation or an academic plan, there will be conditions for academic performance that will be set and monitored. You’ll be informed about those conditions on your Student Center through the Holds and Check SAP Status links, as well as BroncoMail messages. When a Hold is visible on your Student Center, you can click on the “details” for information on how to review the conditions or view the Check SAP Status link under the “Finances” section.

The conditions for your approved appeal will continue each term until you:

  • Meet the minimum standard(s)
  • Graduate
  • Fail to meet the conditions of the approved appeal

When you fail to meet the appeal conditions, your account will revert to a Hold indicating that you are ineligible for aid. If you stop attendance, you may need to resubmit a SAP appeal when re-enrolling at Boise State.