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Departmental/College Scholarships

Man smiles while children play in classroomThe academic departments and colleges at Boise State also offer scholarships. Each academic division is responsible for separate awards. Most of the departments and colleges scholarship applications are part of our Boise State Scholarship Application on Academic Works. Please be sure you review your academic department for additional scholarship opportunities. Scholarships will be awarded based upon admissions information and current Boise State academic performance. Most award notifications will be sent by May 1.
Note: Not all departments/colleges award to first year students.

Center for Global Education

In order to apply for Study Abroad scholarships, please submit the Boise State scholarship application and apply for the Center for Global Education Global Learning Opportunities Scholarship Application listed under your Recommended Opportunities.

Honors College and Alumni Legacy Scholars Scholarships

We have a few scholarship programs available to a select group of Boise State students. Please read the information below for instructions on those programs.

Honors College

  • All applicants who are admitted to the Honors College are automatically considered for Honors scholarships, including the Brown Honors Scholarship. While the selection criteria and the amounts of these scholarships vary, they all are awarded on the basis of academic merit and participation in the Boise State and Honors communities. Assistance based on financial need is awarded through the Boise State University Financial Aid Office.
  • Incoming freshmen and transfer students, as well as continuing Boise State students who are seeking new admission to the College, must apply to the Honors College before February 15th to be considered for Honors scholarships.
  • Continuing Boise State students who are already enrolled in the Honors College must indicate their desire to be considered for Honors scholarships by contacting the College directly prior to March 1st.

Alumni Legacy Scholars

  • The Alumni Legacy Scholarship is a four year, renewable scholarship available to the relative of a Boise State alum. The relative of the applicant must also be a current dues-paying member of the Alumni Association. This scholarship is only available to incoming freshmen. The scholarship amount is equal to in-state fees during the fall and spring semesters.
  • The Alumni Legacy Stipend Scholarship is a separate award that is awarded to four students each year — one from East Idaho, North Idaho, South Central Idaho, and the Treasure Valley area. This scholarship is only available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Applicants must be a relative of an alum.
  • To apply for either of these scholarships please complete the Boise State Scholarship Application (Under Construction). Application deadline is February 15th.